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Newport and Kibesillah — A Tale of Two Mendocino County Coastal Logging Towns is the first book devoted solely to the colorful history of this picture-perfect spot on the North Coast of Mendocino County, nestled between Fort Bragg and Westport. In Newport and Kibesillah, communities inhabited primarily by men, “…the saloons were ovThe books have arrived!erflowing with gamblers, drunken tie makers and other mill employees. Stacks of $20 gold pieces decorated tables everywhere. the population went around dressed most viciously, usually carrying large knives or pistols.”  These activities were tempered by several churches and the rise of rise of the “Blue Ribbon” Temperance Movement in the late 1870s and early 1880s.

The residents of Kibesillah, Newport and the lumber camps in the woods — loggers, tie-makers and others employed by the lumber mills — were very isolated. Even after their wives and children joined them, it was a solitary life. Eager for companionship, they came together for picnics, dances, holiday parties, weddings and funerals. Popular entertainment of the day included dramatic readings and the popular “manly art of pedestrianism,” the 24-hour “Go- as-You-Please” walking matches.

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