Social Media for Writers, Part II

As I mentioned in my post last week (the part about being consistent), a few months ago I was told that in order to donate a copy of  my book, Newport & Kibesillah – A Tale of Two Mendocino County Coastal Logging Towns in Northern California, to the Fort Bragg (California) Library, it needed to have to a Library of Congress number.

According to the Library of Congress website,, a “Control Number” is a “unique identification number that the Library of Congress assigns to the catalog record created for each book in its cataloged collections.” So I applied for a control number under the local history and genealogy category, and around Christmas time, it arrived!

Of course, the Library of Congress control number was something I  have should taken care of before the book was printed but, the truth is, it never even crossed my mind. As any author knows, our pre-publication checklist is daunting.

My solution: clear mailing labels with printed with my own unique Library of Congress number, placed on the title page of each book! A bit time-consuming, but well worth it!

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