Evenings in Newport & Kibesillah

I’ve been enjoying the Facebook posts from innkeepers Creighton & Cindy at The Inn at Newport Ranch, on the site of the one-time shipping point at  Newport, and its neighboring town, Kibesillah.

From last Saturday night (October 15, 2015):

“Dinner at the Inn tonight…15 in-house guests having crab legs & sirloin tonight…oddly very warm out tonight- should be a nice evening!”


It reminded me of a story about a “Grand Ball” at the end of 1877, reported in the Mendocino Beacon++, and recounted on Page 126 in my book+:

“A Grand Ball was given by Mr. Loyd Beall at the opening of his new house on Friday the 21st instant+++ near Kibesillah, at which a majority of the Kibesillahians put in an appearance. All enjoyed themselves greatly and when the hour for parting arrived all seemed loath to depart, yea even the leaders of a four horse team which brought down the Kibesillah Star Band would not think of going, and at last had to be fastened back to the wagon and pulled along.”

+ Newport & Kibesillah — A Tale of Two Mendocino County Coastal Logging Towns in Northern California

++ Mendocino Beacon, December 29, 1877

+++  The 21sth “instant,” common term used in newspapers and written communications in the 1880s. It means “in the current month.” “Proximo refers to the next month, and “ultimo” references the month preceding the current month. www.dictionary.reference.com

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