Kitty Nevin  Photo by Randy Tunnell

Kitty Nevin by Randy Tunnell


Welcome to my updated website! I’m Kitty Nevin, freelance writer and editor and, for the first time, author! 

This has been a busy few months for me. After 19 years, I finally finished my book, Newport & Kibesillah — A Tale of Two Mendocino County Coastal Logging Towns in Northern California.”

In 1996, Will Jackson asked me to write a “pamphlet” about Newport and Kibesillah, the two towns north of Fort Bragg where he planned to build a bed-and-breakfast inn.  My “pamphlet” is now a 208-page book, with 474 footnotes and a 12-page index of the families — the pioneers — who lived in this fascinating part of the Mendocino Coast between 1867 and the early 1900s. When The Inn at Newport Ranch opens this summer, I hope the guests of the Inn will be as fascinated by the local history as I am.

For now, my website will focus on the lives of the “hardy pioneers” who lived in the logging towns of Newport and Kibesillah in the late 1800s. It’s been a fascinating journey into the late 19th Century, after the Civil War but before the first telephone, when transportation was via horse and buggy or stagecoach; when sailing ships were giving way to steam schooners; and the supply of North Coast redwood — for building, railroad ties and even for firewood — seemed infinite.

I’m indebted to many friends and acquaintances on the North Coast, who have shared books,  photographs, local knowledge and wonderful family stories. Without their help, this really would have been just a pamphlet! Thank you all!

And please stay tuned for more about Newport and Kibesillah, and for some future projects!

Kitty Nevin